Our Story

My childhood summers were spent making pickles!  Starting at the age of 12, I would go to work with my father, and work alongside my grandfather, great uncle and brothers in our family pickle business.  The original recipe was from my great grandmother.  My great grandparents’ humble backyard on Mulberry Street in Hamilton is where it all began.They brined their pickles in wood barrels using local Ontario  cucumbers, garlic, dill and salt, and their own pickling spice mixture.

Over time, the pickle business, in keeping up with modern process and increased demands, began to source cucumbers from all over North America. Larger batches demanded a substitution of fresh ingredients with concentrated oils and flavours.

With Marty’s Pickles, I decided to go back to those simpler times and back to first principles in pickle making.  I use only locally (Ontario) grown produce and ingredients, plus my own special spice mixture sourced from around the world.  The cucumbers and ingredients are then brined in small barrel batches to create the  authentic “Original Brine Kosher Dill Pickle”.  Each bottle is hand packed in a mason jar.

In applying four generations of pickle making experience, including my own 40 years of hands on pickle making,  I believe I have created the ultimate pickle.

I’ve made a limited number of barrels in this first year for you to experience.   I hope you enjoy my pickles, which, until now, have only been available to my family and close friends.


Marty Strub