Marty’s Pickles First Year

June 5, 2015

The first year of my new venture is coming to a close.  My first batch of Marty’s Pickles, cured in barrels summer of 2014 is just about sold out.  The reaction to my “Private Stock” original brine pickles has been better than I could have ever imagined.  I made 88 barrels which translated into 9000 bottles of 1.9L vintage 2014 pickles.  All made with only fresh Ontario produce (cucumbers, dill, garlic), hand picked and packed in South Western Ontario close to the farms.  My Original Brine pickles are naturally cured (no vinegar) creating lactic acid in the curing process that gives them their unique natural flavour.  As a fourth generation pickle maker in Canada, I have called upon this knowledge to create the best pickle I have ever made.  I am glad you have enjoyed my first batch of pickles, and hope you will enjoy the 2015 batch!

Marty Strub

President and CPP (Chief Pickle Packer)

Marty’s Pickles Ltd