Just Launched: Pickle-it-Yourself

June 5, 2015

Get ready to do some pickling yourself this summer!!  I have developed a P.I.Y. (Pickle It Yourself) concentrated pickle brine and pickling spice.  If you have always wanted to pickle your own cucumbers, asparagus, peppers, mushrooms, etc. from your garden or local market, our products make it easy and fun.  Now you can Pickle It Yourself confidently with my U-Pickle-it Home Canning Brine and Spices.  A lifetime in the commercial pickle business has enabled me to develop a concentrated base brine, recipes and directions to pickle just about anything!    I will be there to help the novice make pickles for their very first time with my recipes and YouTube video instructions.  Veteran canners will also learn a thing or two from my 35 years of pickle making experience!  So click on the recipes on my website www.martyspickles.ca and buy my Brine and Spices which will be delivered right to your house. All you need to do is go to the market and pick up the vegetables you want to P.I.Y.!

Marty Strub

President and CPP (Chief Pickle Packer)

Marty’s Pickles Ltd.